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Red Leather Sofa

The red leather sofa is a gorgeous option for any sectional, couch, or chair.

There is really nothing more luxurious and comfortable than leather furniture. A beautiful piece like a red leather sofa can transform the look of a room instantly whether it’s just a simple sofa, or a beautiful two or three piece set. Colors usually set the mood of a room and yours could accommodate something more striking than traditional black. Possibly other colors like brown, white, green and red leather sofas are a consideration.

If you are finally taking the plunge and purchasing a gorgeous leather sofa in red, be sure to shop around as there are a handful of different grades of leather and a numerous styles. Most leather furniture is made from two types, Aniline and Nubuck.  Full aniline is also known as natural leather and is very supple, much like silk. Nubuck is Aniline only brushed to break up the grain surface and give it a velvety feel.

You really do get what you pay for with leather furniture. You may have noticed in ads that some leather sofas seem quite affordable, falling somewhere in the $900 range and yet others are more than triple in price. This is mainly because of the quality of the leather. For instance, a red leather sofa in full grade leather will be more expensive as full grade is the best you can by. It is the softest of the leather grades and also the easiest to damage. Top grade is next followed by split and bonded grades with the latter being the least expensive and most durable.

While choosing the perfect leather sofa, keep in mind how much use it will be subjected to. Perhaps you are looking for a red leather sofa with recliner for your front room that will mainly be used by adults when entertaining. In that case, full grade leather would be suitable. If a red leather sectional is desired for the family room, then a lower grade is recommended. The more resistant the leather, the more it can handle things like spills and heavy usage.

Be sure to follow the guidelines for cleaning your leather sofa. Luxurious leather is an investment and regular cleaning will ensure you get the most mileage out of it. Regardless of what grade you choose, as with anything else, if you don’t care for it accordingly it will wear faster.

Leather furniture can be purchased at most home stores but if you would like to see a large selection up close I would suggest visiting Leather Express. With over 120 styles you’re sure to find a plenty of red leather sofas in various shades to choose from. If you like, check out their website and also other sites like CNS Stores and Creative Leather.

If you want to shop smart for leather sofas, learn all you can about them and go into a store prepared. Know the difference between expensive, quality leather and expensive looking, cheap leather. You want the best value for your money. Ask the store for a cleaning guide before you leave. Clean and take care of your red leather sofa so you can enjoy it a long, long while.